Our Vision

Welcome to your new favorite place. A place just for you.

For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of providing massage therapy for many amazing clients. As the years have gone on, I noticed a prevailing theme.
Everyone is incredibly exhausted. Stress and life has everyone running on empty with nowhere to refill. Waiting for that magic vacation to finally rest & recover just isn’t cutting it. There is a massive need here.

When our bodies are run down, stressed, and exhausted we are opening the door for illness. Our wellness suffers greatly when we are over worked & living in this reoccurring cycle of stress.

There is a need for more. More rest, recovery, and rehabilitation. The ability to turn off the demands around us and life. The ability to turn on recovery mode and take care of our bodies. Where health and healing can come together.

That’s how this concept and dream came to life. I envisioned a place close to home, but away from home for you to rest and recover.

Your time is precious. We want your time away from your busy life to be focused on recovery. A complete reset so that when you return to the life you love, you are able to perform at your optimal best.  

As a small business owner, massage therapist, toddler mom and farmers wife I get it. Balancing the stresses of life, while maintaining and protecting your health can be a lot. Our goal is to make it as convenient and attainable for you as possible. We want you to live a happy, healthy, and pain-free life. The moment you walk in the door, get comfortable and change into a plush robe & slippers and enjoy one of our many healing therapies while our barista serves you a coffee or smoothie from the cafe. As you enjoy a massage and/or all of our healing therapies, we hope you can turn off your mind & finally lean into recovery.

Thank you for making us a part of your healthcare journey.

Christina M. Frey

Founder and CEO