Fitness Pod

What is a Cocoon Pod?


/ 30 Min. Service
The fitness cocoon pod acts like a sauna, using radiant heat and dry air heat along with vibration massage. Other features include a cooling face fan with Himalayan salt and optional aromatherapy. Customers who love the fitness pod love the fact that their face sits outside the sauna which allows the body to heat up without breathing in the hot air. This makes it perfect for people sensitive to high temperatures.

Fitness Cocoon Pod Benefits

This is a personal preference. Be mindful of your water/fluid intake. Using the Cocoon Fitness POD, your heart rate will go up and your body will sweat, so make sure you intake the proper amount of water and electrolytes to keep yourself healthy.

To optimize your experience our sessions run for 30 min. You can customize your wellness session in the POD each time you come in to make it more unique to your own wellness goals using heat, fitness, and relaxation settings. Many primary recommendations are to use the Cocoon Fitness POD no more than every other day.

The Cocoon can be used for weight management, a personal relaxation system or as a heated sauna wellness exercise fitness POD. If a user has any contraindications or is in poor heath, they should speak with their doctors before using the Cocoon POD and any questions should be directed to a medical professional. The Cocoon is not a medical system, it makes no medical claims and does not treat any medical conditions. Cocoon Fitness POD is a general wellness, fitness and relaxation system.

The Cocoon Fitness POD System has a weight limit of 350 lbs. Women who are pregnant and persons who are in poor health or have cardio health or other problems or are sensitive to heat (i.e., conditions such as erythema ab igne, etc.) or are dehydrated should not use the Cocoon Fitness POD System until they consult with their medical doctor.

All users should be hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after use. We suggest our recharge drink offered in Essence cafe. Coconut water, orange juice, minerals and artic salt help to recharge and restore.

Private Group Sessions

Bring up to 10 people to experience our Services in a group setting.  This is a great way to enjoy the wellness benefits of the Cocoon Pod, groups will be split up and experience our other wellness services including Red Light Therapy, Salt Cave, and Sauna.


Essence Cafe

While you experience one of our wellness services enjoy service from our Essence Cafe.  Indulge in a cup of coffee, organic smoothie, or a locally sourced juice or baked good. 

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