Muscle Recovery and Hormone Health

The expressions I see when I mention red light therapy to someone for the first time range from curiosity to transparent disbelief. Humans like what we can see, and red light effects the body from the inside out, building up the cells energy production which promotes healing. While we may not see the benefits of red light, we can feel pain relief, better and more restful sleep, and burst of energy throughout the day.

Another question we often hear is, “Is it safe for kids?” Short answer-yes. Red light can actually negate the effects from technology such as iPads and tablets, allowing for the brain to calm down after hours of exposure. At our facility, we offer a ten minute session with 8 panels penetrating through the skin right into the cells. 

Red light is on the same wavelengths as near infrared light which is invisible, but included in our Joov panels. Infrared light along with red light is a noninvasive pain reliever and wound healer. Our cells are damaged through lifestyle choices and environmental factors. It takes years to unintentionally break down the cells resulting in chronic health problems showing themselves through the skin, muscles, and even hair (hair loss, greying, etc.) Results with regular red light therapy are apparent after a few months of intentional cell repair. 

Let us know what health issues your facing and why you think you need red light therapy.